• Faroetale emerged from an idea cultivated in a quaint wedding store, where Irdi, as the owner, and Anna Sára, the driving force, observed the growing tourism in the Faroe Islands. Motivated by their country's breathtaking beauty and a gap in personalized couple experiences, they embarked on a mission to fill this void. Combining their knowledge and creativity, they transformed Faroetale into a destination for romantic getaways, dream proposals, and bespoke experiences. From idyllic escapes to picturesque weddings, every moment becomes an extraordinary journey for couples under the guidance of Faroetale.

  • Irdi Debes Johansen

    Co-Owner and Travel Specialist

    With a strong background in the travel industry, Irdi brings extensive experience to her role as our Travel Specialist. Her expertise ensures meticulous planning and tailored journeys to meet your travel needs.

  • Anna Sára Leifsdóttir Skaalum

    Co-Owner and Service Manager

    Our dedicated Service Manager, possesses a wealth of experience in the service and event industries. Her commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your experience is of the highest standard.

Our Team


    Rannvá Joensen

    With exceptional skill, she masterfully captures the enchanting landscapes of the Faroe Islands, ensuring your moments are framed against breathtaking natural beauty. She turns moments into cinematic masterpieces.




    Osvald P. Hansen

    With a wealth of expertise, he transforms moments into extraordinary visual narratives. Specializing in dreamy proposals, weddings, and romantic getaways, his keen eye ensures your story is told through striking and timeless images.



Contact Information

Magnus Heinasonargøta 15

100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

+298 918818